NEWPRINT/80 Virtual Printer Interface
for TRS80 Model I, III, 4, or 4P

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NEWPRINT/80 - Discontinued.
This product has been replaced by the
NEWPRINT/Multi board.


NEWPRINT/80 is a wifi-enabled "virtual" printer adapter for any TRS-80 with a 34-pin edge-connector style parallel printer port (Model 1, 3, 4/4P). NEWPRINT/80 connects to your TRS-80 printer port and your local wifi network to send printer output to any device that supports a modern browser (iPad, Desktop PC, Mac, etc.).

The NEWPRINT/80 web interface can show printer output as text or hexadecimal values but does not (currently) understand special printer control codes used by some TRS-80 application packages for formatted output (ie.
BOLD, multiple font sizes, Form Feed, etc.).

By default, when in ASCII or DOS modes any non-ASCII (ie. printer control code) characters are hidden. When in ASCII mode you have the option to show these characters either as hex values (ie. "{0E}") or as "X" characters.

After you enter your wifi credentials (SSID and password - see users guide below) the NEWPRINT/80 web interface will be available from any browser in your local wifi network at:

NEWPRINT/80 uses the standard HTML WebSocket API so you can even write your own web-based or desktop interface for displaying and processing NEWPRINT/80 output.

Note: Power adapter and printed user manual are not included to keep prices low. See the PDF user manual below for more information.

(USA Only Please)

$36 (Board only)
$46 (Board & Cable)
$10 (Cable only)

+ $6 shipping
NOTE: International shipping for NEWPRINT/80 is available. Please use the contact page to get a quote.
Purchase Options

NEWPRINT/80 can be purchased with or without a ribbon cable. The cable can also be purchased separately.
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Note: If you already have a ribbon cable with a polarity tab on the female edge connector (TRS-80 end) it can be difficult to remove (as required by the TRS-80 printer port). One solution is to crimp another (non-polarized) 34-pin IDC edge connector to your cable.

They are available for about $5.00 (shipped) on eBay (or as a $2.50 add-on to your NEWPRINT/80 purchase - just use the contact form to email me about it).

Then just crimp (using a vice) the new connector near the old connector:

For example:
34-Pin Card Edge Female IDC Connector for 2.54mm Pitch Flat Ribbon Cable

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