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TRS-80 Screen Designer (v1.4)

for macOS Mojave 10.14+

Screen design tool with Z80 code output


NOTE: Downloads are temporarily disabled while I address some crash reports. Please check back for updates.
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TRS-80 Screen Designer is based on the classic paper TRS-80 Screen Design Worksheets of the early 1980's.

Save time and frustration by designing TRS-80 screens using an easy-to-use macOS application.
Features Include:
  • 3 Brush Sizes + Text Brush
  • Select/Move Area
  • Draw with Keyboard or Mouse
  • Undo/Redo
  • Printing
  • Invert Colors
  • Pixel and Character Grids
  • Text editing (delete/insert/overstrike)
  • Z80 Example Screen-loading Code
  • Z80 DEFB output (compressed to save RAM)

Version history:

1.0 02/15/2020 - Initial release
1.1 03/08/2020 - Added select/move region
1.2 03/09/2020 - Fixed default font to prevent crashing on startup.
1.3 09/22/2020 - Allow ASM export/copy-to-clipboard (via Cmd-C) of selected area
1.4 06/05/2021 - Fixed ASM export when in Inverted color mode

Example screens:
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With pixel grid enabled
Inverted colors, no grid
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Standard colors, no grid
As seen on a TRS-80
Sample Z80 Output

; ---------------------------------------------
; Copyright © 2020 Plaid Vest Software, LLC
; ---------------------------------------------
; /Users/kpw/Desktop/invaders.tsd
; ---------------------------------------------
DEFB $01,$03,$80,$53,$48,$49,$50,$53,$3A,$01,$2C,$80,$53,$43,$4F,$52
DEFB $45,$3A,$01,$E1,$80,$53,$50,$41,$43,$45,$20,$49,$4E,$56,$41,$44
DEFB $45,$52,$53,$21,$01,$B1,$80,$01,$02,$BC,$01,$0A,$80,$01,$02,$BC
DEFB $01,$32,$80,$01,$02,$B0,$01,$02,$BF,$01,$06,$B0,$01,$02,$BF,$01
DEFB $02,$B0,$01,$30,$80,$01,$02,$BC,$01,$02,$BF,$01,$02,$83,$01,$06
DEFB $BF,$01,$02,$83,$01,$02,$BF,$01,$02,$BC,$01,$2C,$80,$01,$02,$BF
DEFB $01,$02,$8F,$01,$0E,$BF,$01,$02,$8F,$01,$02,$BF,$01,$2A,$80,$01
DEFB $02,$BF,$01,$02,$80,$01,$02,$BF,$01,$0A,$83,$01,$02,$BF,$01,$02
DEFB $80,$01,$02,$BF,$01,$30,$80,$01,$04,$8F,$01,$02,$80,$01,$04,$8F
DEFB $01,$76,$80,$50,$52,$45,$01,$02,$53,$20,$53,$54,$41,$52,$54,$01
DEFB $57,$80,$00